Why I made the switch to Meet Edgar and what it can do for your business

If you are a small business owner and are wondering how to keep all the balls in the air, this may be a tool for you. I am a small business owner. Like many of you, I have a one person shop. I am trying to do all the normal things to run my business as well as develop a social media presence. I need an extra set of hands, but I don’t have the client base to hire someone new, not even a virtual assistant. So, I’ve been looking around for products to help me keep an active social media presence. Until recently I used two programs: Post Planner and Social Jukebox. They are both great programs, but they were doing different kinds of things. I needed something that would combine operations as well as save me money. The program I found is Meet Edgar.

Meet Edgar allows me to schedule posts on a preset calendar, schedule posts for a specific time and date, and automatically reuse and distribute content based on a calendar I choose. It’s not cheap, but it saves me a lot of time and energy. As I feed the queues, my social media presence stays active. I can focus on my live presence rather than spend every day populating my feeds with evergreen content. It lets me focus on creating new content instead of promoting previously published content.


The library is where you can see all the content you have added as well as add new content. You organize your content into categories, which you will see listed on the left-hand side of the page. As you can see, I have categories for book reviews, articles for various organizations, promotions, my blog posts and use only once articles.

The Library

The Library

Selecting a specific category will filter the list of available articles for you. For each article, you can see its history, edit it, or delete it.

When you edit an article, you can change the category, make adjustments to the posts, and you can even schedule it to release at a specific date and time.

You can add content for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also add images and videos.

When you are producing content, it is not—write it, release it, and forget about it. For example, Twitter has an 8-minute lifespan. You need to send it out to the socials many times to get exposure. Loading your post into a Meet Edgar category will help you achieve this.

When you add an item to your library, you can decide which account Meet Edgar will post it to. Additionally, you can schedule posts for a specific time and date. If you don’t want a post to publish after a certain date, you can add that information.


The queue is a list of your saved articles and when and where the program will release them. If you so choose, you can skip the release for a specific article. Meet Edgar will put the article back into the queue for another time and select a replacement article.

The Queue

Once Meet Edgar publishes articles to their appropriate social media site, It will add them back into the queue. Once Meet Edgar exhausts the entire category, it will reset and begin to randomly publish them again. This occurs for all categories except for the use only once category.

You can see what is in the queue for a specific category by selecting the category from the list. You can also do this based on account.


The schedule shows you when your categories will release articles. The schedule is easy to create. You select a time slot and choose which accounts you wish to use and which category.

The Schedule

When the appropriate time arrives, Meet Edgar will publish an article that meets that criteria.

If you no longer wish for a category to publish articles, you can remove the appropriate time slot.


To bring quality material in front of the eyes of fans and followers, I subscribe to many blog feeds from within Meet Edgar. This allows me to share fresh content from some great sources along with what I produce.

The Feeds

When I set up a feed, I ensure that I approve or reject the post rather than having it added to a category. If you wish to add a post to a category, you click on the Approve button. If you do not want to add it, select the Reject button.

When you set up a feed, you can decide which category to will populate as well as which accounts you want to use.

You can filter your feeds as you are reviewing them by selecting an option in feed, category, platform, or account.

Once a week, I will spend an hour or two processing my feed and fill up the queue.


If you’re not happy with the categories that you have, you can go ahead and add more categories, rename them, or delete them.

You can also shuffle the contents in a particular category to have it published in a different order.

The Categories


Meet Edgar will allow you to connect 25 different accounts. These accounts can be Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Meet Edgar counts specific Facebook groups or pages as an individual account.

The Accounts


The history shows what you have posted. You can filter your history by category or account.

It makes it convenient to ensure everything is working.

The History

My Review Process

Here is the process I use when I am reviewing my feeds and adding content to my categories.

  1. I look at the title and abstract to see if I want to reject it right away.
  2. If the article looks interesting, I will open the article in my web browser.
  3. If I like the article, I will first save it to Pinterest by using the Tailwind Chrome Extension.
  4. I may also save the article to my Diigo collection with an appropriate tab.
  5. Finally, I will return to Meet Edgar and approve the article, if I like it. Otherwise, I will reject it.

Chrome Extension

Meet Edgar has a Chrome extension. With this extension, you can add an article to your categories. Additionally, you can choose which accounts you want to use. It is even possible to schedule the article with this extension.

Met Edgar Chrome Extension in use


So that is Meet Edgar. This program has been an absolute huge time saver for me. Once again, I am working on my business by myself and I don’t have the client base large enough to hire a virtual assistant or somebody to work with me. Yet, I still need an extra set of hands. Meet Edgar has been that extra set of hands. We have weekly meetings together where “we” decide what content we’re going to share. Meet Edgar then takes care of sharing content when and where I want.

It has been an investment to use Meet Edgar. But it’s a business decision that keeps my feeds active and full.

If there’s anything that I can answer for you, please share in the comments or send me an email. I’d be happy to answer them. If you would like to help you set up Meet Edgar, feel free to contact me.

Stan Skrabut

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Stan Skrabut

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