Is it Time for Your Next Social Media Check Up?

When is the last time that you had a social media check up for your business? How do you know that your efforts on social media are working to your advantage? Are you spending more money than you need to? A social media check up will help you figure out these type of things.

Twice a year, you visit your dentist. Why do you do that? Each year, you see your doctor to get a check up. You may also have someone come in every couple years to check on your heater to make sure it’s working. You take your car in to get it inspected or a tune up. You even take your pets to the vet for check ups. We do checkups so we can prevent bigger problems from occurring.

Why would you do a social media check up?

For the same reason we go to see a dentist, a doctor, an auto mechanic, or a vet, we want to have an expert ensure that everything is okay. We may go visit them when we have a problem. But for a lot of routine check-ups, we go there for preventative maintenance. We want to prevent bigger problems from occurring.

The same should occur with your digital presence. A social media check-up helps to ensure you have the right elements working throughout your digital presence. For example in Western New York, I looked over close to 400 businesses and I noticed only a very small percentage were using the Facebook pixel. The Facebook pixel would allow them to advertise to individuals who visited their web page. Without it, they’re missing this opportunity.

What is in a social media check up?

When you conduct a social media check up you want to look at many important things:

  • Do you have possession of your accounts or are they in the hands of someone else? what happens if that other entity closes business are you left high and dry?
  • Are your profiles complete and are they working for you? In other words, are they focusing on your business and your business goals?
  • How do you stand compared to your competition? Are they out performing you? Are they doing something unique that you should consider?
  • What are your analytics telling you? Does your website need a redesign based on what the data is telling you? Are you missing opportunities based on what your analytics are reporting?

A social media check-up should be able to answer these questions plus much, much more. It should help you hone in on what is working and what is not working.

Who should do a social media check up?

As a business owner, you certainly can do a social media check up. It’s a great way to save money. Or is it? Is it the best use of your time? Do you have the skill set to do a thorough checkup of your social media presence? Can you do it with an unbiased eye?

The reasons that we go to dentists, doctors, auto mechanics and CPAs is because they have an expertise. It would not be to our benefit to learn their skills to save money. As I have been told, as a business owner, you should be working on your business not in your business if you want to get ahead. You should outsource the things that you don’t want to do, that you don’t have the skills to do, and as a business owner, you shouldn’t do.

So as a business owner, you can learn and do a social media check up, but should you?

Doing your own social media check up

If you are interested in doing your own social media internal audit, these sites could put you on the right track:

If it is been a while since the last time you conducted a social media check up, I encourage you to go out and do one or find somebody to do one for you. If you need help with one, I would be happy to assist you. Please, contact me if you can learn more about my social media audit service.


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