Book Review: Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging

If you want to use video to support your business or would like to create a video blog (vlog), I recommend that you pick up Amy Schmittauer’s book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging. In this book, Amy walked through her process for creating videos. Throughout the book, she also explained why she does what she does.

Vlog Like a Boss is 193 pages long, broken up into three major parts and 12 chapters. In a conversational tone, Amy shared how she started blogging and how she developed her vlogging system.

Part two of the book has the bulk of the information that I found most useful. Amy walked through her process. She explained how she comes up with her video ideas. She outlined her editorial system and shared her formula for actually creating videos. In these chapters, I found some useful tips that I will be incorporating in videos that I create.

Amy stressed that you must understand why you are creating a video in the first place. This is important to understand for any business. If it’s to make money, you will burn out very soon. You have to have a greater why.

In Vlog Like a Boss, Amy also talked the importance of creating engagement. This means using social media and email to let people know about videos that you create. She provided strategies for getting the most out of different social media platforms as well as email marketing systems.

In part three, Amy discussed the equipment you need to use. She emphasized to not go out and spend a ton of money. You may have the equipment you need in your pocket.

Finally, Amy stressed that to get good at creating videos, you have to actually publish your videos. This means your first videos are not going to be perfect. Each video published will be a learning experience. You need to get them out in front of the public to continue improving.

I liked the conversational tone that Amy used while writing her book. It was like she was sitting across the table from me. She shared what has made her successful. You can see this by watching the videos on her YouTube channel. Her style may not resonate with you. But what she does, she does very well. There’s a lot to learn from the guidance that she has shared.

If you want to create videos for your business, I would recommend that you take a look at Vlog Like a Boss.

Are you using video to support your business? If so, share a link to your channel in comments below. Are you interested in using video for your business? Let’s get together to discuss some ideas. Feel free to contact me.

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