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If you are using Pinterest for your business and have difficulty maintaining a schedule for pinning, then Tailwind* is the tool for you. I use Pinterest to support my business. I was finding myself flooding Pinterest during the times when I could pin. But I would not pin for the rest of the week because I did not have time. This is not optimal for Pinterest. You want to schedule pins on Pinterest throughout the week. You should pin 5 to 30 times a day. I was not able to do this until I started using Tailwind.


Tailwind is an Instagram and Pinterest scheduling tool. But it does much more. Tailwind’s metrics will let you know how successful you have been. Some of these metrics include the number of repins and new followers. You will also be able to see which specific pins are most successful. I use Tailwind to schedule pins throughout the week.

Schedule pins on Pinterest

For me, the most important feature of Tailwind is the ability to schedule pins on Pinterest. There are many ways to do this but I will talk about the two methods that I use.

Tailwind Extension

With the Tailwind extension installed on Google Chrome, I click on the Tailwind tool when I find an article I want to share. It is like Pinterest. Activating the tool will result in a screen popping up showing me images that I could pin. After selecting an image, I choose one or more of my boards. I then make modifications to the link and description, as necessary, and click on schedule button. Tailwind will then put the pin in a queue. The pin will get posted when Tailwind gets to the time slot.

Schedule a pin by clicking on the Tailwind extension

Schedule a pin by clicking on the Tailwind extension

Tailwind schedule – The Tailwind schedule has a list of optimal times for posting pins throughout the week. You have the capability of modifying the schedule as well as adding more time slots. Scheduled pins will fill the next available time slot. But you can drag-and-drop pins and rearrange them as you see fit. You can also lock pins if you want a specific pin to post at a specific date and time.

A screen capture of the Tailwind schedule

A screen capture of the Tailwind schedule

If you added new time slots, you can reorganize your scheduled pins to fill in those empty time slots with a click of a button.

Scheduling Recommended Pins

Another way that you can schedule pins is by going to your Pinterest account and reviewing the pins. If you find a pin that you would like to schedule, you can click on the Tailwind icon. Once again, after clicking on the Tailwind button, you recommend a board and schedule the pin.

Schedule a pin directly with Pinterest

Schedule a pin directly with Pinterest

Pin status

With Tailwind, pins are in one of three statuses: drafts, scheduled, or published.

Draft Status

When you are scheduling a pin, it will be in a draft status until you actually schedule it. This means you can make modifications and other enhancements as you wish.

Scheduled status

When you schedule a pin, it will be in the schedule status. This means Tailwind slots it into a time slot. The pin will then work through the queue until its scheduled time arrives.

You can schedule a pin to many boards at the same time. With Tailwind, you can release the same pin at different intervals so that they do not group in your feed.

When I schedule pins, I focus on one topic or board at a time. Once I have scheduled all my pins for the different boards, I will then go to the Tailwind queue to reorganize them. This will add variety as the week unfolds.

The Tailwind scheduled pins screen

The Tailwind scheduled pins screen

Published status

The publish status allows you to see all the pins that have posted to Pinterest and how successful those pins were. This screen will show which boards Tailwind posted the pins. You will also be able to see repins, likes, and comments. You will also have the opportunity to reschedule the pin.

The Tailwind published pins screen

The Tailwind published pins screen

Performance indicators

Tailwind also provides many reports that will let you know how you are doing.

Profile Performance

The profile performance screen will list the number of followers, number of pins posted, number of repins, and number of likes. It will also show you the changes in these categories over the past seven days.

A screenshot of Tailwind's profile performance screen

A screenshot of Tailwind’s profile performance screen

Board Insights

The board insights will show each of your boards. You will be able to see the number of pins in each board and the number of pins added in the last seven days. Tailwind will show you how many followers that you have and if more started following. you will also get to see the number of repins. Finally, the board insights also shows your virality score and engagement score.

Screenshot of Tailwind's board insights

Screenshot of Tailwind’s board insights

Pin Inspector

With the pin inspector, you’re able to hunt out your best-performing pins so that you can try to replicate the performance. Tailwind makes it convenient to replicate your performance by including buttons throughout the pages to help you find similar pins.

Tailwind's Pin Inspector

Tailwind’s Pin Inspector

Final thoughts

So far, I have purchased a subscription to Tailwind for one of my accounts. But I am so pleased with what it does, I may also buy a subscription for my other account.

Tailwind has been a huge time-saver in that I can batch work and let it perform for me throughout the week. If you are using Pinterest or have an interest in using Pinterest to promote content, I would encourage you to use Tailwind. If you are in the Western New York area and you would like me to demo Tailwind for you, I would be happy to do so… contact me.

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