#SMMW17 – Social Media Marketing in 2017: What the Newest Research Reveals

There is a lot of great information being shared at the 2017 Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego. This morning began with a review of the industry research by Michael Stelzner. He explained a lot of what we are already feeling in regards to the loss of organic reach in Facebook.

Before he began, he highlighted all the social media technologies that have come and gone or are not in vogue as they once were such as Vine, Meerkat, Google+, etc. The lesson was that we have to be pioneers and keep exploring new territory. This can be difficult for many business owners, fortunately, I can help be your guide.


Facebook keeps adjusting its algorithm to improve the user experience; however, this is not in favor of marketers. If you want your content to be seen, you have to create great content and others have to engage with it.

Another way to increase Facebook engagement and views is to do Facebook Live videos. Here are some examples of companies using Facebook Live videos well:

Stelzner also recommended increasing your community engagement rather than focus on the hard sell. How can you be helpful to your customers and community?

Finally, if you really want to reach your audience, consider doing Facebook advertising. At this time, you can reach a lot of people with little investment. It is important to target your audience properly. Only 6.7% of businesses are advertising on Facebook.


Stelzner also highlighted Instagram as a place to create content that converts. He recommended using Instagram stories, 15-second videos, and shoppable tags.

Here are some sites highlighted for their creative uses of Instagram:

The number of marketers on Instagram continues to grow. It is now over 50% of those surveyed.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the future. The question is how to create and deliver content on this platform.

Final Thoughts

Stelzner left some final thoughts.  Most importantly, create and share great content consistently. You can do this through the use of a blog, vlog, or podcast. This will help you stand out in your community. Does it take effort? Yes. Is it work it? Absolutely!

Do you need help with these ideas? If you are in the western New York area, connect with me and we can explore your ideas together.

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