#SMMW17: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Future of Social Media Marketing

This panel discussion was a fascinating look at artificial intelligence and its impact on social media marketing.  The panel of Sandy CarterChristopher Carfi, Christopher Penn, and Bryan Kramer pointed out that artificial intelligence (AI) is getting faster and easier. Google AI can now read lips better than people.

Artificial Intelligence

According to them, artificial intelligence is software that learns. AI starts with an algorithm and then moves to machine learning either supervised or unsupervised.

Google’s Deep Learning has chained together AI for an increased level of AI. Google’s Deep Learning is sitting behind Google translate. Google translate has gotten so good with languages, it created its own bridging language.

A Bot is messaging software with a conversational interface to simplify tasks. Here are examples of bots:

The advice provided was that if you are getting the same question more than once, build a bot. Bots can personify a brand. Kids with autism are more comfortable talking with Siri.

AI in Action

Here are some examples of artificial intelligence that is being currently used:

  • Pinterest can conduct a search based on an image you take.
  • Japanese stores can determine your shopping intent based on an image they take when you walk in the store.
  • Amazon uses AI to help make recommendations on what your should buy.
  • Facebook is using its AI to help train us on what content to share.

According to the panel, it will be essential for the future workforce to be subject matter experts with an understanding of artificial intelligence. We will need to train and assess AI. We will have to understand data science.

Does all this have your head spinning? If so, let’s get together and discuss it. I may be able to help you out.

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